Dr. Deborah Pearson

Meet Your Maker

An introduction to Dr. Deborah Pearson by Elena Maria Piech

A crowded desk with miscellaneous objects (left) and Dr. Deborah Pearson (right).

Dr. Deborah Pearson is a Canadian playwright, producer, and actress originally from Toronto, Canada. She caught her first big break while acting in a Toronto-based production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown at the age of 12. Nearly 20 years after that initial production, Pearson has added producing, playwriting, and mentoring to her repertoire. Pearson spent the past 10 years living in the UK and she has won multiple awards for her associated productions. In 2007 she co-founded Forest Fringe, a UK theatre organization that creates festivals and hosts theatre residences. Just two years later, a play she co-directed won the Peter Brook Empty Space Award and three Herald Angels. By 2010, her show Like You Were Before won one Herald Angel. That same year she was also listed as one of the 100 most influential UK theatre makers.  Pearson attributes her success to her viewpoint on the construction theatre. “I’m into theatre that’s almost the conceptual art of theatre,” Pearson told a group of Ithaca College students during a March 2017 interview, “I want to feel like that content is supposed to be a musical, play, or another form of storytelling.” Pearson believes the idea should tell producers, writers, and audience members what the final form of a show should be. This belief is also reflected in Pearson’s PhD, which explores narratives in performances, and the relationship between “theatre” and “live art.” Not only does Pearson act and perform these ideas, but she is also a professor in the Department of Drama, Theatre, and Dance at the Royal Holloway School in the University of London. Pearson is currently on tour with her latest piece History, History, History which tells the story of the Hungarian Revolution, a satirical film, and her grandfather.

More information on Pearson can be found on her website – deborahpearson123.wordpress.com.


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