Hi Devin!
Hopefully these projects help you learn a bit more about my style as an editor, producer, and storyteller.


“W.T.F. EP1: Abortion Debate in Argentina”

Roles: Script, Lighting, and Editing
Description:  As a video intern with The Bubble, I’m working on the launch of their new series titled W.T.F. (Weekly Timely Facts). At the start of April Argentina started a historic debate surrounding the decriminalization of abortion. Want to know more? Our latest video explains an Argentine a pro-life advocate that has “taken social media by storm.”

“Ithaca’s Homeless Crisis”
Roles: Storyboard, Interviews, and Editing
Description: Directed a PSA about ending the homelessness problem in Ithaca, New York. In two weeks, this campaign raised $5,000 to provide food and temporary winter shelters for Ithaca’s homeless population.

“360 Video: Women’s March on Washington”
Roles: Filming and Editing
Description: Last January I assisted PBS News Hour with their coverage of the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. To deliver content in a new way, I used a 360 camera to document the climate at the Women’s March.


Para Mi Madre
Roles: Co-Writer and Co-Producer
Description: During the fall of 2017, I worked on this politically relevant drama about immigrants living in the United States. In March the film received the award for “Best Actress” at the Ithaca Student Film Festival.

“When We First Met”
Roles: Storyboard and Producer
Description: A music video for the song “When We First Met” by Alex di Leo. Alex is an emerging musician from central Florida.

Additional On Set Experience… 
   A) Film: “My Summer as a Goth”
        Film Description: A teenage girl falls in love with the goth next door
        Role: Costume Assistant and BTS Photographer 
        Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3399862/
   B) Film: “When Jeff Tried to Save the World”
        Film Description: Jeff (John Heder) tries to save his local bowling alley from closing.
        Role: Production Assistant

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