Hello POV Team!
Thank you for looking at my application. I hope these works demonstrate my passion for storytelling.


Nonfiction Editing Samples:

“Ithaca’s Homeless Crisis”
Roles: Storyboard, Interviews, and Editing
Description: Directed a PSA about ending the homelessness problem in Ithaca, New York. In two weeks, this campaign raised $5,000 to provide food and temporary winter shelters for Ithaca’s homeless population.

“W.T.F. EP1: Abortion Debate in Argentina”
Roles: Script, Lighting, and Editing
Description:  As a video intern with The Bubble, I’m working on the launch of their new series titled W.T.F. (Weekly Timely Facts). At the start of April Argentina started a historic debate surrounding the decriminalization of abortion. Want to know more? Our latest video explains an Argentine a pro-life advocate that has “taken social media by storm.”

“Meg’s Radio”
Roles: Interviews and Editing
Description: Created a spotlight piece about Meg’s Radio, a music streaming service based in Ithaca, New York.

“360 Video: Women’s March on Washington”
Roles: Filming and Editing
Description: Last January I assisted PBS News Hour with their coverage of the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. To deliver content in a new way, I used a 360 camera to document the climate at the Women’s March.

Design Samples:


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