Project: The Loneliness Project on WRFI Community Radio
Role: Producer, Reporter, and Writer 
Description: Elena Piech is the creator and producer for Bridged,
investigative radio series airing on WRFI Community Radio in Ithaca, New York. Elena leads a team of journalists to investigate different topics each semester.

To learn more about the project, list to episode one from the fall 2018 series focusing on loneliness and suicide. This series won a New York State Broadcasters Association Award for Outstanding Public Affairs Program or Series.

“Welcome to the premiere episode of The Loneliness Project, an audio production of WRFI and the Ithaca College Park Scholars Program. From mental health to social media, reporters throughout the Ithaca community are analyzing the issue of loneliness through multiple lenses. This piece is also part of a larger multimedia collaboration with The Ithaca Voice and The Cornell Daily Sun.

This week, WRFI Community Radio starts with a story that is both personal and powerful. The first episode focuses on someone who struggles with bipolar disorder. Some doctors say this person has one of the most severe cases of bipolar disorder they have ever observed. As a content warning, this episode will include mentions of suicide.”

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