Project: We Are Ithaca
Role: Social Media Coordinator and Community Coordinator
Description: We Are Ithaca hosted a multi-faceted portrait project in 2017/2018 that used the power of photography to engage diverse communities within our city in dialogue and celebration of our complex identity. At the heart of WE ARE ITHACA is the photographic portrait project carried out by Project Director/photographer Robyn Wishna, a small group of college  students and volunteers. This is a project of the Community Arts Partnership made possible by a grant from the Park Foundation.
We are Ithacahosted 28 portrait sessions throughout Ithaca, making more than 1,200 portraits of  Ithacans.  A top priority has been to  represent all segments of the Ithaca community and sessions have been held in all quadrants of the city to be as inclusive as possible. People were invited to bring something meaningful to the portrait session and/or be dressed in clothing that speaks to a part of their identity, life, history. At the same time, those who were willing were invited to share something about themselves on video. 

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